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On these pages you'll find information about RL Flo-Master spraying products, as well as some other information we hope you'll find useful.

Great lawns and gardens, decks & patios, and well-maintained homes come from inspired and dedicated home owners and gardeners. But having the right tools helps.

Lawn & Garden Product Index

Here's a pictorial guide to the popular RL Flo-Master sprayer products you'll find at retailers throughout North America.

RL Flo-Master Wood & Masonry Sprayer

If you're still using a brush or broom to apply semi-transparent stains, sealants and protective coatings to your deck, fences, brick walls, concrete walks, or other wood and masonry around your home, you're making extra work for yourself. Try an RL Flo-Master Wood & Masonry Sprayer instead. It's designed specifically for applying these materials, and it's much easier and a lot faster than brushing.

Anatomy of a Sprayer

If you've wondered about pressurized sprayers - how they work, what's the difference between the various models you see in the store, which features are really useful - this page will tell you.

Saving Money

Save money with a pressurized lawn & garden sprayer? This page will demonstrate why a pressurized sprayer is the "right tool" for you to use (rather than pre-packaged chemicals in "Ready-to-Use" applicator containers), and how it saves you money.

Environmental & Safety Issues

What we're doing, and what you can do, to use our products more safely and with minimal impact on the environment.


Although we don't pretend to be "experts" on gardening, we have accumulated a lot of information about using our products, including some useful ideas about using pressurized sprayers you may not have thought of yet.

Gardening Links

Although still somewhat limited, here are links to interesting sites about gardening that you might enjoy.


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