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Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co.
1000 Foreman Road · P.O. Box 289
Lowell, MI 49331-0289 U.S.A.
Phone: 616-897-9211 · Fax: 616-897-8223
Customer Service Phone: 800-748-0098 · Fax: 800-968-3555
Consumer Hotline: 800-253-4642

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Who Is Root-Lowell

We are the world leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of pressurized sprayers, primarily serving the lawn & garden market, and secondarily the agricultural and industrial markets. The brand name for our consumer sprayer products is RL Flo-Master®, and they are sold by leading retailers throughout North America.

Our retail merchandising customers know us as:

an innovative, responsive, cost competitive, quality supplier - "a great company to do business with"; who manufacture a product demonstrably superior to all others and with consumer demand so strong as to require its presence in all stores as the lead product in its category. A company that Works Best Under Pressure!

Our consumer customers know us for having:

the brand of sprayer with the best quality and value, most innovative design, and most reliable & useful performance in the market; one which they actively seek out and buy in preference to all others; and as a company who provides unsurpassed service and parts support after the sale. A company that makes products that Work Best Under Pressure!


Our Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the best pressurized sprayers in the world while developing our employees' skills to exceed world-class standards. We also commit to the prudent and respectful use of our environment's limited resources.


Our History

From obscure beginnings during 1897 in a blacksmith shop in Lowell, Michigan, the company has grown during the last 100 years to become the world leader in pressurized sprayers.

The year 1905 marked the incorporation of the company under the name of Lowell Specialty Company, with a focus on sprayers for agriculture and horticulture. In subsequent years the "Potato Sprayer" was introduced and the company's products were distributed on a national basis.

In 1928, reflecting the company's concentration and growth in sprayers, the name was changed to the Lowell Sprayer Company. In ensuing years, the company experienced steady growth, expanding from door-to-door salesmen with car-drawn trailers to a nationwide sales force of over 150 people. The product line expanded as well - from a limited line of agricultural sprayers to products for professional pest control, janitorial maintenance, fabric protection, concrete treatment, poultry and animal health, to name a few.

In November 1953, the Lowell Sprayer Company merged with the Root Manufacturing Co. of Malta, Ohio. Equipment and operations were moved to Lowell, Michigan and the company became known as the Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co.

Ground was broken in 1968 for a new 103,000 square foot plant on Foreman Road in Lowell, Michigan, the company's present location (since expanded further).

Beginning in 1970, Root-Lowell's sales grew at a rapid rate as new products, materials, designs, and innovative sales and marketing concepts put Root-Lowell among the top three manufacturers in the industry. This also marked the beginning of sales through mass merchandise chains.

In 1987, the innovative No Pumping® sprayer was introduced. A patented design, it pressurizes itself while the user fills it with water from a garden hose. This year also marked the introduction of the new brand name, RL Flo-Master®, which was introduced on all packaging and literature.

In 1990, Root-Lowell introduced the Deck Sprayer, which was designed to save the consumer time, effort and materials by spraying, rather than brushing, protective coatings on their decks. This product has since been expanded for use with other wood and masonry sealing applications.

In 2001, the company completed a major expansion, approximately doubling their plant square footage for manufacturing and inventory of finished product. In addition, new automated material handling and manufacturing equipment was added to further enhance our ability to respond to customer requirements.

Root-Lowell continues to lead the spraying industry with new and innovative products, unsurpassed quality, and a Customer Service staff second to none.



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For questions, please send a message to our
Consumer Service Department.


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